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Basic CourseSugar Depilation”, 8 academic hours

Venue: Tallinn.

The aim of the course: Training in popular area of the beauty industry, which gives the novice master the opportunity to expand the list of his services.

Price: 520 EUR + VAT

The price includes theory, practice on 2 models, disinfection and sterilization, all educational materials, tools, disposable and professional cosmetics, personal care products and more.

Course program:

– Hair anatomy: the structure of hair and hair follicles.
– What are the benefits of sugar depilation relative to other methods of hair removal.
– Phased care programs before and after depilation.
– The principles of rational pasta use.
– Hygienic nuances of the procedure.
– Home care: what means to choose and how to carry it out correctly.

– A detailed demonstration by the trainer of the procedure of sugar depilation on different parts of the body and face: arms, legs, armpits, the area above the upper lip.
– Posing hands. Self-development of practical skills of sugar depilation on models under the guidance of a trainer. Error correction.

At the end of the course, Sugar Depilation certificate is issued.

To obtain the certificate, student must pass both the theoretical and the practical block.

To complete the training, student must pass the exam: he/she makes the last model on his own, without assistance.