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Volumetric Eyelash Extension (2D – Max Volume), 8 academic hours course

Venue: Tallinn.

The purpose of the course: Training in the popular direction of the beauty industry, which gives the novice master the opportunity to expand the list of his services. The knowledge gained on the course will help in creating magnificent and voluminous eyelashes, as well as in choosing the right effect of building individually for each client, considering the features of appearance. Training is suitable for both working masters and beginners.

Price: 350 EUR + VAT

The price includes theory, practice on 3 models, disinfection and sterilization, all educational materials, tools, disposable and professional cosmetics, personal hygiene products and much more.

Course program:
• theory.
• all about eyelashes:
– eyelash structure
– eyelash function
– eyelash growth phases
– vertical and horizontal row of eyelashes
• contraindications to eyelash extension procedure
• Materials Science
• rules for working with glue
• sterilization and disinfection of instruments
• eyelash extension effects
• construction of schemes
• types of eye shapes
• beam direction and opening
• life hack for 100% study of the inner corner
• Secrets of long wear
• beam formation 2D – 3D
• eyelash removal
• effect selection
• building a build-up scheme
• eyelash extensions on the model (volume 2D – 3D)

At the end of the course, 2D – Max volume lash extension certificate is issued.

To obtain the certificate, student must pass both the theoretical and the practical block.

To complete the training, student must pass the exam: he/she makes the last model on his own, without assistance.