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Express course of permanent make-up “All About Eyebrows, 88 academic hours – 1 month

Venue: Tallinn.

The aim of the course: Training, which gives you the opportunity to get the skills in two areas of the beauty industry in the shortest possible time: eyebrows and a master of permanent eyebrow makeup.

Price: 870 EUR + VAT
Price: 1770 EUR + VAT

The price includes theory, practice on models, disinfection and sterilization, all educational materials, tools, disposable and professional cosmetics, personal care products and more.

In the course program:
• Theoretical part – Eyebrow Architecture
• Practical part: modeling + dyeing
• Acquaintance with the device, setting hands
• Demonstration of the procedure on the model by the trainer!
• Permanent makeup techniques
• Permanent eyebrow makeup (powdery eyebrows)
• Practicing latex skills and working on models. VERY MUCH PRACTICE
• Work with any type of skin. Features of working with age skin
• Anesthesia. Work without anesthesia
• Coloring. Work with pigments. Features of their selection and application.
• Psychology of communication with the client
• Answers to questions, analysis of errors.

At the end of the course, two diplomas are awarded in two languages:
1. “Permanent eyebrow makeup.”
2. “Eyebrow architecture and chemical paint.”

To obtain diplomas, the student must pass both the theoretical and practical block.

To complete the training, the student must pass the exam: he/she makes the last model on his own, without assistance.

Founder of Allura Beauty Academy, a 15-year-old permanent international make-up master, eyelash extension master.
Speaker of international congresses, teacher of the highest category, holder of international certificates, participant of international meetings among the world masters of permanent makeup, holder of numerous certificates for eyelash extensions. She developed her own methods of teaching PM. Thanks to them and an individual approach, students after training find their clients without problems.
Strong qualities: accuracy, clarity, professionalism.